Google Photos RSSerator

v1.2 February 2017 Changelog

CodeCanyonIntegrate your Google Photos albums in Wordpress!
Create your Google Photos album RSS feed on this page and use Justified Image Grid or The Grid to show your Google Photos in your Wordpress posts, pages and widgets.
Read more and leave your comments on my post on my Google RSSerator.

Hold up! You currently cannot generate a public RSS feed for new albums
Google has changed the authorisation mechanism regarding albums and photos as per February 9th 2017.
The RSS from the RSSerator below will only work for authenticated users: once you log off the RSS feeds has no entries. I am investigating the alternatives.

Unfortunately, the Google API stopped to support changing the album visibility through the RSSerator.
A public RSS feed can now only be generated from a private or public album created before February 9th 2017.

Please first sign-in to Google
Log in to Google first to be able to generate the RSS feeds of your Google Photos albums.
Your Google identity or Google Photos album data will not be stored on this server.

Album title albumID Feed


- Added feed option to set the feed format to RSS (default) or JSON.
- Removed the ability to change album visbility due to a change in the Google API.
- Added RSS options to set image size (imgmax) and limit number of results (max-results) in RSS feed.

- Added RSS feed link and icon

- Launch of Google Photos RRSerator

Created by Casper Baghuis