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About Casper Baghuis


baghuisI live in the small town of Deil in The Netherlands, with my wife and two boys. I enjoy photography, running and connected technology. And sometime soon I will pick up and play my trumpet again. I am the technical chief of the local film theater Lingefilm. And I create websites for friends, non-profits and starting entrepreneurs and help them deal with new technology.

After growing up in The Netherlands, I moved to Orange County in Southern California when I was 10. And at 13 we moved to the city of Hamburg where I attended the International School. I graduated at the University of Twente in Industrial Engineering and Management Science (MSc).

My professional career centers around IT and new product development. I work for ASML in the field of product lifecycle management and have previously worked for ISS, Philips, MIS/MiQ and Accenture.

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